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Point. Click. Schedule.

Put ESP to work for you

Juggling your labor forecasting and scheduling requirements can be one of your manager’s biggest headaches. Accurately predicting your labor and sales patterns is only the beginning. Crew turnover and ever-changing availabilities can make scheduling the right employee at the right time a frustrating and time-consuming task. What’s worse, if you inadvertently break a labor law, you could face severe fines and penalties.


The solution is ESP. ESP solves all of your scheduling problems and gets your managers back on the floor where they belong. ESP learns about your operation, your volume patterns and your crew abilities. Then, precisely and accurately places your crew when and where you need them. All while cutting up to one percent from your labor costs and helping you maintain the highest standards of customer service.


If you’re spending more than thirty minutes a week producing your weekly crew schedule, it’s time for a change: Put ESP to work for you and you’ll have your manager back on the floor in record time.


ESP is ideal for companies whose work force is composed predominantly of part-time, wage-paid employees. ThoughtWorks has been providing labor scheduling solutions for over twenty years, and ESP is used in over 3,000 locations, in thirty countries and six languages.


Take the Labor out of Scheduling

We schedule the way you do.

Put us to work for you for free, with our no-risk trial software.

Fast Performance

Schedule one hundred employees in thirty seconds.

Full human support

You've got questions: We've got answers. And real humans that answer their phones.

Safe and secure

No annoying data leaks in the cloud: Your data is safely stored on your PC.

Put us to work for you: For free.

We’re so confident that ESP will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of management hours that you can test a fully-functioning copy of ESP for free, for up to sixty days in your location.

No credit card needed. You don't pay unless you buy.

If you’re not convinced at the end of the trial period, you have no obligation to buy. But we think you’ll want to keep it.

Put us to the test: Try ESP free for sixty days at your location. You have nothing to lose, and a more efficient operation to gain


We've Come a Long Way

Our mission is to be the world's best employee management software.


At ThoughtWorks, we specialize in Human Resources and Scheduling software.

We have been providing labor scheduling solutions since 1985. Our major clients include

McDonald's Restaurants, Cinépolis, Wendy's, Burger King, Tim Horton's, Yum Restaurants,

and numerous smaller organizations.

Our flagship product, ESP: Employee Scheduling Program, is a proven solution, and eases the production of weekly crew schedules. Surveys indicate that our owners save an average of five to six management hours per week, while reducing their labor costs significantly.


What People are Saying

Try our software, and we may feature you here, too!

"ESP worked fabulously for us. Our restaurants challenged ESP on nearly every level and it did not disappoint."

"My managers have saved time and effort. I especially like that my employees receive their schedules by email."

"ESP is a lifesaver. It places the right people, at the right time, in the right position. I couldn't be more pleased. And your support is top-notch."

Denise Kellison

Bryce Weylie

Elizabeth Bluemke


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