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Take the labor out of scheduling

If you’re spending more than two hours producing your weekly crew schedule, it’s time for a change: Put ESP to work for you and you’ll have your manager back on the floor in record time, all while saving up to one percent in labor cost. ThoughtWorks has been providing labor scheduling solutions for over twenty years, and ESP is used in over 3,000 locations, in thirty countries and six languages.


ESP isn't a band-aid solution. The system learns about your operation, your volume patterns and your crew abilities. Then precisely and accurately places your crew when and where you need them. ESP is ideal for companies whose work force is composed predominantly of part-time, wage-paid employees.


Create perfect schedules in record time

How to create a perfect schedule in record time

Producing your weekly schedule is as simple as following a checklist; working from a Schedule of tasks ensures that you:
Stay organized: by simply following the tasks in order
Never miss a task: check off each task when complete
Remain focused: if interrupted you know exactly where you left off
Producing each week’s schedule is a snap: First, project your sales (or transactions) and labor requirements and then, at the touch of a key, ESP calculates projections based on the last few weeks, last month, last year, or any combination thereof. Volume can be projected by the hour, half-hour or quarter-hour. Then, make your employees' time-off requests. Once you’ve completed these two simple steps, ESP takes care of the rest.
ESP calculates a full weekly schedule, complete with employee names and work assignments, in less than five minutes. After that, your manager can review and adjust the schedule on-screen. Then the schedule goes on the wall, and your manager goes back on the floor. Total time from start to finish: Less than ninety minutes. And you can stop worrying about costly labor law violations. ESP ensures your schedules meet all local labor regulations, so that you never break a labor law again.

Detailed reports mean better control

ESP’s management reports give you the detailed information you need to operate at peak efficiency. A graphical line-bar report, as shown below, provides an excellent overview of shift coverage, while a separate schedule listed by employee name completely eliminates the chance of a missed shift. An on-call report helps you quickly find replacements for sick or no-show employees. Other reports include a break report to help ensure each employee takes the break(s) they are entitled to, a summary report that details your volume, labor cost, labor percent and more, and many more reports to help you manage your employees. Once the schedule is complete you can even use the e-mail report form to send all your employees their work schedule by e-mail.
You may print the reports as often as you like and you can preview all reports on-screen and then print them only when the schedule is complete.

Put us to work for you...for free!

We’re so confident that ESP will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of management hours that you can test a fully-functioning copy of the program for free in your location. If you’re not convinced at the end of the trial period, you have no obligation. But we think you’ll want to keep it.
Put us to the test: Try our software for free at your location. You have nothing to lose, and a more efficient operation to gain.
Begin your free trial

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